3rd February 2017

Guess the Song: Answers #1 to #5

Over the year, we’ve posted some songs for you to guess. Did you guess correctly? Here’s the first 5! Guess the Song #1 Answer: ǝɔᴉoΛ ∀ ʎq pǝpᴉnפ Guess the Song #2 Answer: uɹn┴ Guess the Song #3 Answer: ɐᴉuɯosuI…

Guess the Song: 008

This time on Guess the Song, I go a bit crazy but it’s your clue to a Feeder track! So… Should hopefully be an obvious one to those who know Feeder’s catalogue quite well. If not, check out Feeder Anorak’s…

Guess the Song: 006

It’s time again for… Today I’m cheating as I’m still unwell, so the clue is… The last post’s title! Let’s us know your answers in the comments below!

Guess the Song: 005

Oh look, yet another… I actually struggled to create a clue for this song. This one could give a few answers, but only one is right! What Feeder song is it? (Cheers, Google!)

Guess the Song: 004

It’s time for another round of… Today I made another quick animation. This may be a bit too easy. Ready? Go! So what do you think I’m trying to say the song is this time? Drop a comment below! (Also,…

Guess the Song: 003

It’s that time again! This time might be easier. Who knows? Let’s have a look below: Hmm… Any ideas? Comment away! 😉 I’ll be keeping the guessing open for a while longer on the previous two if you haven’t tried yet!…

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-