In-store signings for Tallulah begin today

There’s quite a few in-store signing dates. Are you going?

UPDATED: Aug 6 @ 18:22

  • Aug 14 at Sheffield and 16th at Cardiff added!

    There had been quite a few requests to visit Ireland and Scotland since the band originally announced UK signing dates.

    Thankfully, they heard the fans and done just that!

    See below for all performance and in-store signing dates. Some of the signing dates include a performance with new songs from Tallulah too:

    Aug 01
    Banquet Records – Kingston
    Performance only. Doors @ 9PM

    Aug 08
    Rough Trade East – London
    Performance only. Doors @ 6PM

    Aug 09
    Rough Trade West – London
    Signing only. Doors @ 5:30PM

    Aug 10
    HMV – Belfast, Ireland
    Signing only @ 5:30PM

    Aug 12
    Phase One – Liverpool
    Performance and signing @ 6PM

    Aug 13
    Crash Records – Leeds
    Performance and signing. Doors @ 7:30PM

    Aug 13
    HMV – Manchester
    Signing only @ 1PM

    Aug 14
    Bear Tree – Sheffield

    Aug 14
    Rough Trade – Nottingham
    Performance and signing. Doors @ 6:30PM

    Aug 15
    HMV – Glasgow, Scotland
    Signing only @ 6PM

    Aug 16
    HMV – Cardiff

    Aug 16
    Sound Knowledge – Marlborough
    Performance and signing. Doors @ 6:30PM

    Aug 17
    HMV – Birmingham
    Signing only @ 1PM

    Aug 17
    Rough Trade – Bristol
    Performance and signing. Doors @ 6:30PM

    Will you be there? Be sure to tag us in your pics with hashtag #FeederROCKS!

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