Is the next #Tallulah single “#Youth”?

We put a little joke for April Fool’s Day on our social media sites, but this isn’t a joke.

If you’ve pre-ordered the new album Tallulah, you may have noticed a new song is due to be released next month:

“Youth” is the first track on the new, tenth album Tallulah. It’ll be available to download on May 15. It could be a good indication that it is the next single, since the All Bright Electric‘s singles were available to download too:

If you haven’t pre-ordered the new album yet, what are you doing with your life? Grab it from the Feeder Store now!

Pre-sale tickets for the Tallulah tour are available to purchase this Friday, April 5 at 10AM. Be sure to check out the Feeder Store for further details.

Tallulah, the tenth album from Feeder is due out on August 9.

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