28th April 2016

A-Z of Feeder: S is for “Swim”

Yet another era mentioned in the A-Z today. This just had to be in it! It’s Swim‘s 20th Anniversary this year, as we’ve covered before. It’s really exciting to see Grant use the hashtags in his Instagrams and tweets, which…

A-Z of Feeder: O is for “Oh My”

First track from the album, “Generation Freakshow“… And it’s a nice welcome. Straight in with a classic, heavy track which draws you in from the get-go. This is what all Feeder fans expected as soon as they switched it on….

A-Z of Feeder: K is for Karl

Since currently there is no Feeder song that begins with “K”, what better way than to change it up a little and mention our man Karl Brazil instead! Karl Brazil is Feeder’s drummer, which as we know replaced Mark Richardson…

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-