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Tallulah album previews!

ISDL29 on FFS Forum had noticed there was originally some previews for each track on the new album, Tallulah, but were taken down.

Luckily, Google cached them all, however they could also be deleted at any time, so I've uploaded them onto F.R for your beautiful ears to hear!

What do you think to the Tallulah previews? Got a favourite so far? 🤔

Also thanks to alexh for pointing out this post by writing a comment on F.R!

Founder, creator, editor, "lover but not a friend" 😝

i can only say : welcome back 1999


these tracks seems like a mixture of ywts and echo park and honestly i am glad about that...they are literally a blast...

I agree with 247!

YWTS like in my head. Can't wait to listen the whole album...

Really looking forward to this album! "Youth" and "Fear of Flying" are amazing!

Founder, creator, editor, "lover but not a friend" 😝

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