Taka posts unreleased FAM/PTS vinyl

Taka recently took to social media and posted a brand new, unreleased vinyl!

Earlier today, Taka posted a new vinyl, which is clearly labelled as Feeling A Moment / Pushing the Senses. This is the first time they feature on a double AA 10″ vinyl.


The last time this happened, we covered a story on Forget About Tomorrow / Just the Way I’m Feeling, which was an exclusive white vinyl for Record Store Day 2017 (RSD17).

It appears the same is true again, in a splatter vinyl (which looks insanely cool too!) and will be for sale on Record Store Day 2020!

RSD2020 will be held on April 18, 2020. Be sure to visit you local vinyl store to support them and purchase a copy of the vinyl!

Source: Exclaim.ca

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