eBay Madness: #Tallulah promo over £70!

Tallulah‘s album promo CD has surfaced and sold for a small fortune.

It’s quite rare to see promos that are Tallulah related recently – there’s been a small handful of “Fear of Flying” promos, but that’s about it.

Tallulah promo front

Front side including CD face of Tallulah promo.

Rear of Tallulah promo CD

Rear of Tallulah promo. The promo details shown bottom left.

eBay Madness - Tallulah promo CD

Would you do it?

There were 13 bids in total. Today, the Tallulah promo album finally went for £70.86 (excluding delivery)!

Do you think it’s madness? Or would you buy it?

Source: eBay

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