Grant’s top #Tallulah tracks has written an article about Grant’s top guitar highlights from Tallulah.

“This was one of the last songs I wrote for Tallulah. I really wanted a classic riff-driven anthemic song to lift the dynamic in the second half of the album. It’s classic old-school Feeder with a slight homage to 70s rock. Lyrically, it’s about my love affair with Japan and Japanese culture. The main guitar tone was created using my usual Tone Benders, Big Muff and Pete Cornish fuzz boxes. All the guitars were recorded at my studio, the Treehouse, through a Vox blue-speaker AC30, a Fender Hot Rod DeVille and a Marshall JMP 50-watt head. My main guitars were a 1959 Jazzmaster, a custom ESP guitar that was made for me – it’s basically an SG-Mustang – and a Gibson J-45 and 1964 Guild M-20.”

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