Happy 10th, Seven Sleepers EP!

Today marks yet another milestone for the band.

Having recently posted across our social media profiles, we’ve been leading up to this day.

Seven Sleepers EP was a unique release – though it continued to contain elements from the album Silent Cry, it did also introduce some new tracks.

The six-track EP contained new songs “Seven Sleepers”, “Somewhere to Call Your Own” and “Snowblind”, including a cover of PIL’s “Public Image”.

Though “We Are the People” from the Silent Cry album makes an appearance, the version of this is an acoustic which was recorded during the Crypt Sessions. “Tracing Lines” from Silent Cry is also thrown into the EP for good measure.

I personally hope they do more of these in future. What do you think to the Seven Sleepers EP?

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-