Call Out: Ayshea’s Art

Today’s spotlight is on Ayshea.

She’s quite the Feeder fan, having collected a fair few of their releases:

She’s been a fan since the old days of ’96, having met the band personally on several occasions over the years!

“One of my greatest memories was seeing them at Reading 2001. It was really perfect.”

Lyrics are a big deal. She has gained comfort and inspiration from them over the years (I can relate to that), which allows her to create art like this piece, which gained approval from Bamboo:

As you can see, the art contains lyrics from “Feeling A Moment”.

Without spilling any secrets, she tells us it’s an an abstract black ink print which is completely handmade!

Here’s “Descend” and “20th Century Trip”:

Thank you Ayshea for allowing us to share your fantastic work!

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To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-