Feeder now supporting The Guitarwrist!

Feeder have now put their name in to support The Guitarwrist.

What is The Guitarwrist I hear you say? They’re fundraising for charity, saving the planet by being green and as a result, making jewellery for fans!

The jewellery they make is bespoke bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings from artists used guitar strings and plectrums – all hand made in the UK by Emma Hedley Jewellery.

They’re a fundraiser, but you’re probably wondering how much is actually raised. Well, they’re a not-for-profit company. 90% of the profits from each sale goes to the charity of the artist’s choice.

So they also say they’re saving the planet and being green – they really are! “Around 95% of the components from the strings we receive will be used to create the jewellery pieces thus reducing the amount of strings metal that normally ends up in landfill.” – Brilliant stuff!

So what do you think? I’m excited for when I see some items from Feeder appear on there!

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-