Drowned in Sound #BestOf in-depth Interview

Drowned in Sound had an opportunity to chat with Grant about the past, present and future of the band.

Feeder have had plenty of interesting interviews before, but this one is much more in depth.

You’re putting out a ‘Best Of’ compilation later this month. How did the tracklisting come together?

BMG wanted it to be really singles heavy. They’ve been wanting to do a boxset compilation for a while which we didn’t really want to do. But labels do it even when bands don’t want to, so I said look, if we’re going to do this can we do it properly? That way we’ll support it. They initially wanted to do it before All Bright Electric but I said no because I really wanted to finish the album. I was really focused on making that record and wouldn’t have supported a ‘Best Of’ had they put it out then. We didn’t fall out, but I felt it was the wrong time to put something like that out with no new songs on there or anything. We’d been away for four years, so I said let’s make this album first and let people know we’re still making new music rather than just living off past glories and see how it goes. And it turned out to be the best thing we did. It really worked in our favour. I love that record and really enjoyed touring it. So now it feels like we can release a ‘Best Of’ because we’ve come back with a new record that stands up alongside anything we’ve released in the past. Yet there’s still people out there that don’t know those songs. I didn’t realise just how many singles we’d done until I went through the tracklisting. We’ve released four albums since we put out The Singles compilation in 2006 so this feels like the right time to release a ‘Best Of’.

The band are to release the Best Of album this September 29. Tickets are available to purchase now for the Best Of Tour in 2018. If you haven’t already, check out a sneak peak of what Arrow – the brand new nine track mini album – has to offer. Arrow comes bundles with the Best Of (which we recommend the 3 CD version).

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