Indybox acoustic session today!

Indybox had previously recorded an acoustic session. Today at 12PM we get to see it.

Update Sept 19 @ 14:00

We’ve uploaded it to YouTube for you to enjoy in 1080p – higher quality than the Independent website steaming quality of 720p. Boom.

Update Sept 19 @ 12:50PM
Three songs “Veins”, “Figure You Out” and a classic “Just the Way I’m Feeling”.

Update Sept 19 @ 12:30PM
It’s finally posted! Tut tut for being late.

12PM (GMT) today, Indybox will release Acoustic Session #14. Clip of “Just the Way I’m Feeling”.

It was previously posted by the band earlier this month on Facebook, September 7:

There’s also been another acoustic session with the whole band involved over at Virgin Radio UK! Unreleased as of writing this article, but we’ll keep you updated.

Feel free to let us know what you think of the acoustic session on our website, Facebook and Twitter!

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