#MyPerfectDay (2017 version): What do you think?

Since it’s now been a few days to play it, what do you think?

Update (Sept 18 @ 15:27):
Anyone who has pre-ordered the Best Of album from the Feeder Store can now download “My Perfect Day” (2017 version)! Enjoy! Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

The version was released a few days ago as a download for anyone purchasing a pre-sale ticket.

Preview of “My Perfect Day” (2017 version)

The tune itself has been re-record now for its third time. First recording was on the Stereo World single, second was on the Polythene album.

Personally, I really appreciate it. It’s reminiscent of the classic sound but with the modern vocals. It also shows how much they’ve matured over the last 21 years since the last recording, with polished guitar work.

That said, the previous recordings are still classics!

So what do you think to the new recording? Drop us a comment below or on our social sites on Facebook and Twitter!

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