Acoustic session at Virgin Radio UK

The lads have been posting Instagrams from Virgin Radio UK yesterday.

Update (October 1 @ 19:00)
Apologies for delays. We got a reply from Virgin Radio UK. It all begins tomorrow night!

While we wait for the tunes to go on air tomorrow, here’s two videos they’ve also posted as they had a quick chat!

Update (Sept 24 @ 21:00)
We’ve received word from Virgin Radio that it will be broadcast on the Evening Show (7PM – 11PM) on the week commencing October 2. This date falls true to the previous update we wrote. We’ll update again when we find out more.

Update (Sept 15 @ 21:21)
Our trusted source has provided a little more info:

It won’t have been scheduled yet [..] Probably when their Best Of comes out…

We were also informed a few songs were played, but we may not find they will all be broadcasted. Still exciting news! Hopefully won’t be too long to wait though. We’ll continue to update you.

Update (Sept 15 @ 20:06)
Hasn’t been announced when it’ll be aired yet but got some small footage for you to watch in the meantime, thanks to a trusted source.

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Update (Sept 15 @ 18:46)
Since the band don’t have control, nor do they know when it’s scheduled to play, and we had no response from email or social media from Virgin Radio, we decided to call the studio.

They’ve told us it isn’t scheduled in yet to play, however, they will be announcing it on social media. So keep an eye on Virgin Radio UK’s social pages! We’ll do our best to update you too. More updates as they come.

They have been playing an acoustic session on Virgin Radio UK – which currently to our knowledge – has been pre-recorded to play for a later date.

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We tuned into Virgin Radio UK since we heard of it yesterday just to be sure we weren’t going to miss out. No word was spoken about it.

No clue as to when it will be broadcast yet.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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