eBay Madness: Test presses at £400!

Well I guess I should note there is FOUR of them.

Update (1st Oct)
Description has been updated. It’s actually four test presses of different releases – Generation Freakshow LP, Generation Freakshow 7″ single, Children of the Sun 7″ single and Idaho 7″ single. That’s more like it! Still, it’s a bit of an investment!

Four test presses of Idaho, the single taken from the 2012 album Generation Freakshow, is going for a bit of dosh. £600 they want – excluding delivery too! Ouch.

It makes me mad when people sell them in bulk like this. If you’re a true collector or fan, you’d purchase as many as you’d want but not sell them like this, surely?

Rant over.

If you spot some crazy deals on eBay for Feeder goodies, let us know!

Source: eBay

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