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It appears everyday we’re getting a taster of what’s to come…

1 day to go:
“Who’s the Enemy” (instrumental clip)

Yet another track from the Silent Cry album. Really great to hear that guitar riff. Crazy that this album will be 10 years old next year!

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Unfortunately we’re not able to make it, but we’ll still be posting as much as we can!

Good luck to mobile ticket holders who have a chance to win a meet and greet with the band!

To all you wonderful fans – have a fantastic time!

2 days to go:
“Yeah Yeah” (instrumental clip)

An extra track from Silent Cry that can only be found on the Deluxe or Japanese editions. Released in 2008, making it 9 years old now!

3 days to go! No messages today.
No matter, we’ve uploaded Belladrum 2017 videos to keep you entertained!

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4 days to go:
“Shatter” (instrumental clip)

Best known for the music video with the lightsabers, the song also featured in the end credits for the film Night Watch. Released in Pushing the Senses era of 2005.

5 days to go. No reminder today, but it’s so close now!

6 days to go:
“Dove Grey Sands” (instrumental clip)

This song is the last track on Pushing the Senses album back in 2005. 12 years ago.

7 days to go:
“This Town” (instrumental clip)

We first heard this tune back when Feeder were using the Renegades side-project name in 2010, later was released under Feeder in the Renegades album.

8 days to go… No reminder today, but we know it!

9 days to go:
“Universe of Life” (instrumental clip)

Taken from the ninth album, All Bright Electric in 2016, it’s a belter we’d been waiting four years for!

10 days to go:
“Sweet 16” (instrumental clip)

Takes me back some years now! First heard back in 2006 with the original release of Swim. This song is now 21 years old, hence the 21st anniversary this year (though Grant admittedly stated they’ve been around a bit longer)!

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-