#21Annoucement: “The Best Of” + mini album “#Arrow”!

Today it is announced The Best Of and new album Arrow are now available for pre-order!

Mini studio album, Arrow contains nine tracks! Not really mini, is it? But we’re not complaining!

1. Figure You Out
2. Walk Away
3. Bees
4. Veins
5. Sound Of Birds
6. Arrow
7. Dive
8. Sirens
9. Landslide

That’s not all, of course! As per our teases yesterday, we’re also seeing The Best Of album to celebrate 21 years of Feeder (they’ve been established longer, but it’s has been 21 years since Swim EP).

The Best Of consists of two CDs! The track listing follows:

1. Feeling A Moment
2. Come Back Around
3. Eskimo
4. Just The Way I’m Feeling
5. Forget About Tomorrow
6. Just A Day
7. Insomnia
8. Comfort In Sound
9. High
10. Buck Rogers
11. Pushing The Senses
12. Turn
13. Renegades
14. Lost & Found
15. Tender
16. Yesterday Went Too Soon
17. Shatter
18. Borders
19. Seven Days In The Sun
20. Piece By Piece
21. Another Day On Earth


1. We Are The People
2. Universe Of Life
3. Idaho
4. Tumble And Fall
5. Crash
6. Silent Cry
7. Find The Colour
8. Day In Day Out
9. Down By The River
10. Paperweight
11. Tangerine
12. Cement
13. Suffocate
14. Side By Side
15. Stereo World
16. Paperfaces
17. Save Us
18. Tracing Lines
19. Miss You
20. Children Of The Sun
21. We Are The People

Bundles are available, including shirts, vinyls, CDs, white label and signed copies too!

Pre-orders are being taken now! Get moving!

(White label copies are SOLD OUT!)

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