Another Yesterday: Beaten the Bull? Download!

Have you played Beat the Bull yet? Any joy? Read on… 

There’s a sneaky way of downloading all the tracks available without playing the game!

If you haven’t already read our previous article about the Beat the Bull game, then here’s a quick recap:

  • Released to coinside with “Idaho” single (from Generation Freakshow)
  • There’s a bull in the music video, hence the game.
  • Score points the longer you stay on the Bull.


If you still want to have a go to try and win the prizes, check out the game and have a go!

Also, if you want the “Headstrong”  and “Along the Avenues” tracks in higher quality then you know what to do – buy the Generation Freakshow re-release!

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-