Kerrang! playing Polythene in full!

Kerrang! Will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Polythene at midnight!

If you’re able to stay up at midnight, you can tune in to Polythene being played on-air with no interruptions.

The occasion? It’s the 20th anniversary of Polythene this year. May 15, 1997.

Such a classic deserves recognition. Kerrang! have the right idea, so tune in tonight if you can!

  • Wonder if Waterfall will get an airing…

    • Got 2 copies with that track on

    • Paul – The album and vinyl? 🤔 #FeederROCKS

    • Feeder.ROCKS Yes the album. Both CD version, plus loads of limited edition coloured vinyl. Can send a pic if you like. Got most of their early stuff, except Two Colours

    • Awesome, Paul! I’ve personally a fair collection but still trying to expand it! Loads I still don’t own! I have Two Colours, fully signed, on CD.

      Pictures are awesome if you want to share!

      Tweet, share on the Facebook page, tag on Instagram or email: weknow@Feeder.ROCKS 😉 #FeederROCKS