#AllBrightElectricTour: Cambridge

The boys had this Sunday off, but they’re back for more this week at Cambridge!

March 27 @ 00:00 –

Feeder.ROCKS originally planned to attend this event, but might not be able to do so. Keep an eye for further updates.

March 27 @ 14:00 –
Good news! We’ll be there! Plus, we’re GIVING AWAY a gig ticket to get in! All you have to do is find me or shout “Feeder.ROCKS” and you can have it!

March 27 @ 19:00 –
Doors opening soon! See you inside!

March 28 @ 03:00 –

March 28 @ 14:00 –
Here’s a recording of “Another Day on Earth” from my mobile (apologies for quality)!

Two days and there’s been plenty of pics and videos swarming over socal media – just take a look at our Instagram! It’s insane! Just because we’re struggling to keep up with it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it, so thank you!

To support them at Cambridge, it’s M O S E S!

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Doors open at 7PM! Enjoy yourselves!

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