Bag yourself a signed album (or two)!

Recently announced via email, you can get yourself a signed re-release!

Renegades and Generation Freakshow will be re-released through the Cooking Vinyl label.

Previously, Cooking Vinyl had released Feeder’s ninth album – and Top 10 hit –
All Bright Electric, so it’s nice to see they’re releasing more of their material. The two albums were originally released via Feeder’s own label, Big Teeth Music.

That’s not all, though.

Renegades and Generation Freakshow are not only available for preorder, but they are available as signed copies for £10 each! The track listing is also extended, featuring all the B-side tracks from the singles released in those eras, including the elusive and hard to find tracks such as “No Light“! Worth bagging!

Renegades (Cooking Vinyl Special Edition)

1. White Lines
2. Call Out
3. Renegades
4. Sentimental
5. This Town
6. Down To The River
7. Home
8. Barking Dogs
9. City In A Rut
10. Left Foot Right
11. The End
12. Time Goes By
13. Godhead
14. In Times Of Crisis
15. All I Ever Wanted
16. Fallen
17. Sending Out Waves
18. Side By Side

Generation Freakshow (Cooking Vinyl Special Edition)

1. Oh My
2. Borders
3. Idaho
4. Hey Johnny
5. Quiet
6. Sunrise
7. Generation Freakshow
8. Tiny Minds
9. In All Honesty
10. Headstrong
11. Fools Can’t Sleep
12. Children Of The Sun
13. Sky Life
14. Miles Away
15. No Light
16. Arms
17. Coast To Coast
18. Along The Avenues
19. Find A Place
20. Stay If You Want To
21. Borders (Acoustic)


Renegades and Generation Freakshow re-released, extended, special editions are due for release on March 24.

Are you going to preorder a copy or two? Have you already done it? Let us know!

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