Feeder are SO underrated…

Don’t you think Feeder are underrated? We do.

Feeder have been around for 20 strong years, released 9 studio albums and have never broken up. That says a lot for bands these days!

Every one of Feeder’s fans have always agreed how underrated they are as a band.

Even Googling to see how underrated they are, you’ll find they’re 308th in a list of underrated bands. That says it all!

Here’s a snippet from WalesOnline talking with Grant:

Despite your enduring popularity, do you think Feeder are quite an underrated band?

GN: Underrated? That’s one way of putting it I suppose. I think we’re quite a cult band in some ways. We’ve sold a fair amount of records but we’ve never been in people’s faces. We’ve never been all over the media. I don’t play the media game that well. You know I’m not into hanging out in a bar with so and so to get into the press. Maybe I should have played that game but I can’t be bothered with it. We are who we are and it’s really always been about the music. I love that, the whole process of writing songs and playing live. For me that’s the dream and something I’ve wanted to since I was 10 years old. The good thing is that we can still do more and achieve more, because we’ve haven’t had that huge record. It’s been a very, very steady climb for Feeder. I still think people are finding out about the band. I’m amazed that we’ve been going for so long and I still meet people who haven’t heard of the band. It’s extraordinary really.

[Read more on the WalesOnline article, April 2012]

It’s nice to know that Feeder aren’t about the popularity but about the music, however, don’t you think they deserve more popularity?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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