#ICYMI: All Bright Electric resuscitates the band

It’s been a while since Feeder were in the charts since their 4-year hiatus, but they’ve definitely made an impact since their return.

When All Bright Electric was released back in October 2016, it was a big deal to all fans since it had been 4 years since we last had an album release and a full-on tour. This break was also particularly great for the band as they needed the rest. Since coming back, the material the band have created shows just how enthusiastic and reinvigorated they are!

Here’s some interesting facts:

  • All Bright Electric reached the Top 10 in the Official UK charts back in October!
  • ABE is Feeder’s ninth studio release!
  • First release on a new label – Cooking Vinyl
  • The album is the first Top 10¬†in 9 years (since 2008)!
  • ABE‘s position in the charts makes it more successful than 5 of their studio albums!
  • Feeder’s first leg of the All Bright Electric tour was a sell-out!

-> Take a further look at Feeder’s incredible stats on the Official UK charts website.

Can you think of any more interesting facts about All Bright Electric? What do you think to the album?

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-