“My life in 10 songs” by Grant

It’s always interesting to know what influences the band to create their music.

Thanks to TeamRock, you can read all about it! Here’s an interesting snip from the article:

8. Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way (1977)

“People might be surprised by me choosing Fleetwood Mac, but I loved them growing up and Go Your Own Way is a classic. Feeder were going to cover this about ten years ago. We worked out a very good rock version but we didn’t end up doing it. I wish we had, actually. It’s probably been done a million times now.

“It’s a weird song, because I know that Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were going through a really bad breakup. A great song though, and again it’s timeless. Whether you like Fleetwood Mac or not, Rumours is a classic record from start to finish. Not a bad song on it. I don’t do karaoke, but if I ever got drunk enough I might sing this. It reminds me of growing up and summers in Wales, with flashbacks to that period of my life.”

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Damn. I’d LOVE to hear a cover of that song! Reckon I’ll throw in a request when I get to see them on the All Bright Electric tour

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