CONFIRMED: Leaked album details genuine

Early hours this morning we wrote about leaked details of the ninth album. With half an hour to go before the announcement, we can confirm it’s genuine.

We can thank Mr. Anorak from Feeder Anorak here, as he discovered the FeederVEVO channel on YouTube has uploaded the band’s new single, “Universe of Life”!

What a great way to start your Friday eh? It gets better.

On the YouTube video, there’s this too…

-> Preorder the album! <-

And to confirm the tracklisting? Only a minor change:

1. Universe Of Life
2. Eskimo
3. Geezer
4. Paperweight
5. Infrared-Ultraviolet
6. Oh Mary
7. The Impossible
8. Divide The Minority
9. Angels And Lullaby’s
10. Hundred Liars
10. Holy Water
11. Another Day On Earth
11. Hundred Liars
Deluxe CD
12. Another Day On Earth
13. Slint
14. Eyes To The Sky

Well, just check out the link above to preorder from your favourite store and you’ll see for yourself! Even the album art and release date previously mentioned for 30th September rings true too!

Exciting times!

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To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-