Tracklisting details before announcement?

It could be that we have details of the album cover and the tracklisting to boot!

Stanley, a big-time Feeder fan, has come across an interesting website that appears to be listing Feeder’s new album, All Bright Electric, on a preorder before the announcement!

There’s also a tracklisting which is as follows:

1. Universe Of Life
2. Eskimo
3. Geezer
4. Paperweight
5. Infrared-Ultraviolet
6. Oh Mary
7. The Impossible
8. Divide The Minority
9. Angels And Lullaby’s
10. Hundred Liars
11. Another Day On Earth
Deluxe CD
12. Another Day On Earth
13. Slint
14. Eyes To The Sky

This tracklisting isn’t confirmed yet until we see the official announcement later today at 9AM, but it does have some interesting names.

Track 11 and 12 seem to have the same title. Either an error, or maybe one of them is acoustic? Who knows?

Who’s looking forward to the announcement later today?

Thanks to Stanley ChunFai Pang for spotting this!

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