Feeder.ROCKS FIRST: Milecastle 66 before tour

A yet unannounced event from the band is set to play at the Milecastle 66 festival as headliner act in Carlisle!

We’ve spotted it on the Eventbrite that Feeder would be attending the Milecastle 66 festival on Saturday 24th September, which is just ahead of the autumn tour dates!

Milecastle 66 is a new music event based in the heart of Bitts Park, Carlisle. Across the two days we will have live bands and DJs across 4 stages based indoors and outdoors. An array of food vendors and much much more…

You may wonder why we are called Milecastle 66. Well here’s a little history lesson…

A long long time ago when the romans were in town they built a wall for some fella named Hadrian and along this Wall they built small forts later named milecastles all of which were numbered. There are a few milecastle sites in Carlisle but across the river from our festival site was Milecastle 66. Hence the name, Milecastle 66.

Interested? You can grab tickets now!

UPDATE: 15:09 – Though not confirmed by the band on their Facebook or Twitter pages (yet!) this is clear confirmation of their attendance. Feeder will also be headlining the event too!

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