ICYMI: Weekly roundup

As always, we have a look back at how the week went. It was a really, really awesome week.

Best. Monday. Ever?

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than a return from our Feeder boys, who announced a tour this Monday.

(Let’s forget we said anything last week, eh?)

Tour Tuesday

Some small changes to the tour and pre-sale were announced and Feeder get involved with Instagram!

Tickets please: Wednesday & Thursday

Because we’re awesome, we kept you informed of the pre-sale tickets for the autumn tour. You’re welcome.

(Don’t) Freak out Friday

In case you weren’t aware, we also let you know of when the general sale started. It’s still ongoing, so if you haven’t already, grab your tickets to see Feeder this autumn!

While you’re waiting, why not check out Muddy Apes’ third album, Faraway So Close? They’ll be performing a live stream soon too!

Super Saturday

Not long ago, Feeder took back to the stage this year at the Isle of Wight Festival. For those who couldn’t go and even missed the broadcasts on Sky, this is for you!

Well that’s all this week!

It may be a little bit calm before the storm comes this autumn, but as always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest.

In the meantime, we’ll come up with more contents at it’s long overdue. If you have any website ideas or suggestions, pop them over to us.



To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-