ICYMI: Feeder at #IOW2016

Couldn’t see them at IOW or Sky Arts? Fear not. 

Now, thanks to Tulloch100 on the Feeder Forums, you can now watch the highlights without the hassle for subscription as they’re now on YouTube to watch!

As we previously posted, here’s the Absolute Radio interview but in video this time. Nice! (MP3 version can still be heard via our website)

Now for the Sky Arts stuff! They had a small talk with the presenters of the show, though good to see the band, it doesn’t contain a lot.

First up, “Buck Rogers” but with an interesting intro and we even have Nathan Connolly from Snow Patrol supporting the band too! Great stuff!

And finally, it’s “Just A Day” but with a clever nod to Queen, who also headlined at the Isle of Wight Festival.

We hope you’ve enjoyed (re)watching those videos.

Don’t forget you can catch them later this year on their autumn tour! See the official website for more!

Thanks again to Tulloch100!

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