Review: Muddy Apes’ “Faraway So Close”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Muddy Apes. It was the first I’ve heard of them!

It may be shocking to know I’ve not heard of Muddy Apes before 2016. It seems a lot of Feeder fans are in the same boat, however, so I don’t feel so bad!

…it really does sound good

The album itself is mostly great from start to finish – it has an interesting variation of styles and guitar riffs throughout. Though mostly heavy tracks, it really does sound good and doesn’t disappoint.

“Comfy” baby

Breaking into the album with “Comfy” it has some solid guitar riffs that gets your juices flowing.

Can Can

Though I didn’t find this track as good, it flows on well from the first track and some guitar riffs seem… Familiar…

Candy Luck 

Not even trying to compare here, but the guitar works remind me of “Shatter” from Feeder! It’s a great tune from start to finish though and tidily carries us through the album.

How How How

From the get go, you know why this song is was picked as their radio friendly track. Saying that, it’s still a heavy track but with a really catchy chorus and guitar riff to boot. Great work, Apes!

Fighting Apes

A heavy, fast paced track. Sounds like a perfect track to drive or run a marathon to! The riffs in this bad boy are energetic and fun fueled. You can tell they had a good time making this track! It just clicks.


It’s quite hard to follow on from such a great track as “Fighting Apes”. This one doesn’t feel like it stands out so well from the rest of the album, however, there is some interesting efforts from the band.

Red Moon

A low key acoustic track now from the Apes. It’s good to try out different things in an album and although it may have not been for me, it was something different and interesting.


Back into the heavy rock now and IZANAE is enough to wake you up in the morning. And some. A great track with some really good riffs again.

Give Me Now

Vocally one of the best tracks, though not a strong song, it does showcase their overall sound – impressive drumming and some guitar work.

My Loose

Another acoustic, but this time it’s a better one from the Apes. The melody to the song works really well and compliment the vocals. Running over 6 minutes, it’s the longest track on the album but it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging out. Is it bad it reminds me of Feeder again? Nahhh!

Motor Ego

This album ends with the heavier track, “Motor Ego” which kinda reminds me of something from Queens of the Stone Age / Them Crooked Vultures. Can’t think what song at the top of my head. It’s not a bad thing though – it’s got some great riffs again. Ends with some girl laughing. Creepy.


The first half of the album is solid with the likes of “Comfy”, “How How How” and “Fighting Apes”.

“Waves” and “Red Moon” didn’t appeal more so, but were interesting efforts, though “Waves” is growing on me after a few plays.

Do I think it’s an album worth getting? Definitely. Maybe I’ll wait to import it or when I have some cash going free though. Thankfully, you can stream it from almost anywhere.

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-