Feeder.ROCKS Favourites: Borders

Taken from their eighth studio album Generation Freakshow, “Borders” is a catchy, fun tune.

As always Feeder have a crowd pleasing track or two on the album for a broader audience. In this case, “Borders” is one of these. My wife loves it too.

When the single was released back on 30th January 2012, the wait was over for fans after a couple of years since Renegades.

The single charted at #52 in the UK, giving the group their 25th top 75 single and first UK chart visit since 2008’s “We Are the People”.


It was well received in the charts and was first available on CD, vinyl and cassette. It had been 11 years since the band released a cassette (since 2001’s “Just A Day”). Some few copies were signed by the band too!

Well that’s enough chit-chat! Here’s “Borders”!

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-