What we’re expecting this year

What’s going on this year with Feeder? Quite a lot actually. Here’s what we expect to see…

Ninth studio album

The band have been recording the ninth studio release in the Treehouse. Album details remain unknown to us all, which of course is driving us all a bit bananas… 🍌

Two festival appearances

Currently, the band have intentions to attend two festivals: Less than two weeks away now, they’ll headlining “Big Top” at the Isle of Wight Festival on June 12th. The second festival they’ll be headlining at Loopallu Festival in Scotland on 1st October. Good times!

Unfortunately for the moment, no other events have been officially announced yet. Sad times… But watch this space!


Last month, the trio met up in London to rehearse for their upcoming appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival. Could they be warming up their new material to play there too? Will be good to see them or tune in!


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Swim 2 as well as the ninth album is still a dream. How cool it would be to have EVEN MORE Feeder material to listen to – as if the ninth album hype wasn’t enough! As the original Swim EP celebrates its 20th anniversary, there’s been talks of something special happening.

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-