ICYMI: Weekly roundup

Busy busy! If you’ve been busy too, you may have missed some of our posts this week. Check them out!

My Birthday rocked this #MusicMonday! 🎈

It was a simple, awesome day. Thank you for the lovely Birthday messages on my Facebook and Twitter!

Feeder.ROCKS Favourite on Tuesday

“Heads Held High” is a winner, don’t you think?

#WinningWednesday deal!

Had to mention that Amazon deal – especially fantastic for people who want to check out Feeder for the first time! (It’s 7p cheaper as of today, too. Woop!)

Got stuck on #ThrowbackThursday!

Uhh… What happened this Thursday?

100th post on #TGIFeeder!

Had that awesome #FridayFeeling with the 100th post on Feeder.ROCKS.

We also saw Bamboo hang out with Nate. Awesome!

Saturday spam – the good kind

Quite a few posts happened:

What a week! As we now get closer to Feeder’s first performance of the year in the UK, we hope to see more activity from the lads! No pressure. Watch this space!

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