Feeder.ROCKS Favourites: Heads Held High

Our heads held high now,
Today we won’t forget…

Seems so long ago that we first heard this song on the Silent Cry album. I guess 8 years IS a while ago. Can’t believe I was 22 — anyway, let’s get back on track…

Why this song? I chose this song because I’ve always found it to be straightforward and it’s always been one that’s stood out to me; It’s subtle, melodic and the lyrics feel relatable. It’s hard to define words to truly explain why I love this song, since I find it easy to relate to a lot of Feeder’s songs, but hopefully you get my point!

“Keeping it simple paid off – it’s not overproduced.”

The Silent Cry album was never really about having a heavier sound, but rather it focuses strengths on its lyrics. Keeping it simple paid off – it’s not overproduced. It’s an honest album and Feeder do well to keep that way, I think.

Here’s hoping that’s the case for the ninth album!

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