Happy #MusicMonday Birthday to… ME!

Just in case you don’t already know, My name’s Richard – creator of Feeder.ROCKS. The guy who makes all the magic happen around here (though it does need more magic… 😉)!

Today is my Birthday! I’m celebrating a big one today as I turn 30. I’m not planning much, but we gotta play a tune, right?

Do do-do do…

Celebrating your big day requires a fun tune. It has to be “Just a Day”, doesn’t it?

This live performance was recorded in 2012 – the Generation Freakshow era. This is currently Feeder’s most recent active year until 2016 came.

Now, join me as I rock out to this tune!🎈

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To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-