Happy 19th, Polythene!

Though it’s not an anniversary milestone like other albums this year, it’s still worth noting Polythene‘s 19th year just because it’s such a great album, right? It’s also Feeder’s first album, so we think it’s a big deal.


It was on the 18th May 1997, 19 years ago that Polythene was originally first released. It was the same year it was then re-released on the 27th October.

The original had then stopped being manufacturered, so that copy is pretty darn rare to get hold of! It included “Waterfall” on the album originally, but was replaced by “Changes” in the re-release.


Though it didn’t get the most success in terms of chart position, it did however start the fanbase rolling for the band and even got positive responses from critics. It’s still – and always will be – regarded as one of the best Feeder albums by fans.


It’ll be good to see if Feeder take a look back at their first and early days and include that style into their newest album. With the hashtags of the band’s first albums being mentioned in social media updates from Grant, we’re getting all excited of the possibility!

As we mentioned earlier on, there’s a possibility of a “Swim 2” EP alongside the album… So watch this space!

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