Today’s #TravelTuesday – where would you go?

Not a lot of travelling here… unless you call going from one side of town and back travelling then yes I did!

In my head though, I thought of what songs from Feeder would transport me somewhere else. There’s many that do just that, but picking actual places in mind I can think of two: “San Diego” and “Idaho”.

San Diego, that’s where I’ll go

The track “San Diego” is one that’s easily to hear from sources online, however, obtaining it legitimately is is the Turn microcassette. A pain it’s not anywhere else – even the Pictures of Perfect Youth album containing B-sides doesn’t have it (hence the petition I created recently).

Here I go, let them know I’m heading back to Idaho

Most recently now, Generation Freakshow, has this tune that I’d just love to play loud. It’s heavy and it’s Feeder.

Out of the two, I’d personally go for the later works – Idaho – but I’d like to note that it would always be great to own that Turn MC for the collection!

I can actually think of a few more songs that mention places, but let’s see if anyone else can name some! Hit the comments below if you can remember a song or lyric that mentions one!

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