The boys are back!

Earlier today, Taka posted a selfie of himself in London. I knew something was happening but not until tonight have they taken to social media to post pics.

Massive hype after seeing this:

And then a few moments later in Instagram

Feeder#fender #comfortinsound # rehearsals #renegades #oldschool #vans #jmi #gibson #newmusic #indierock

A photo posted by Grant Nicholas (@grantnicholas) on


It’s great to see the boys all together again!

Did you notice anything in those pics? Grant’s used #rehersals as a hashtag on the Instagram shot, so does that mean they’re practicing for some gigs before the Isle of Wight Festival?

Put us out of our misery, fellas!

UPDATE (12th May)

A day later and Karl confirms it. Definitely a rehearsal. Exciting times!

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