ICYMI: Weekly roundup

In Case You Missed It there’s been quite a bit happening this week, so here’s the week in a roundup!


From the Treehouse

This week, we’ve not seen any studio pics from Grant so we assume he’s been taken out of the studio by Taka for a while. Well deserved really, since he’s been in there for ages.


Isle of Wight Festival tickets

Earlier this week, we told you about a discount that was available. Sadly, it’s finished now, but tickets are still available from the main website if you’re interested in going to see one of the very few festivals the band are attending this year.


Passing of a legend… or two

Yet another legend, Prince, has passed away recently. Taka has taken to Twitter to post his farewells.

He also pointed out his tune, “Sometimes It Snows in April” has happened quite literally here in the UK.

Definitely the work of Prince from the heavens, don’t you think?


Remo was one that Karl Brazil, our awesome drummer, will miss too.

Such sad times.

Feeder.ROCKS news you may have missed this week

If you’re interested in getting the band to release their hard-to-find tracks, check out the petition!

All eight studio albums are up on the site. Finally. There’s still more work to do!

We started a Feeder.ROCKS Favourites this week too! “Hey Johnny” kickstarted it and there’s plenty more to come!

Stay tuned…

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-