A-Z of Feeder: T is for “Turn”

‘Cause I don’t wanna be a hero
But I don’t wanna be a zero

Yet another that’s deserving of a spot in our A-Z of Feeder is “Turn”. The track can be found on the incredible Echo Park album, of course!

It wasn’t hard to decide on this song being that it’s a classic and being on an album that, as a whole, is pure genius.

It’s good time too, as we’ve seen the album reach its 15th anniversary since its release.

It was also a time where we saw the last efforts from our original drummer, Jon Lee.

Back to the song though, the lyrics are something that gets you thinking.

It’s easy to forget just what you’ve got

So true.

The track is second favourite after “Buck Rogers”, according to Rankopedia. Would you place it there?

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