Feeder.ROCKS Favourites: Hey Johnny

Taken from the album Generation Freakshow, “Hey Johnny” is different to other Feeder tracks. Whereas others we can relate to in our own way, this one has an obvious purpose – it’s meant for Jon Lee.

Why was he the first to go?

Listening back a few years ago for the first time, it didn’t occur to me right of the bat that it was a song meant for him. After taking in those lyrics, I felt so emotional (I admit it, I cried).

Johnny didn’t seem right…

It’s such a sad song, but it’s such a sad thing to have happened and I think lyrically it’s incredible. It doesn’t need much of an article to really tell you just how great this song is. The thought that went into this song and the purpose behind it is what makes this a Feeder.ROCKS Favourite.

Thanks TheAlexH for this live recording!

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