#MusicMonday: Songs of Snow and Fire

Well, today I thought since Game of Thrones is such a hot discussion on social media due to the start of season 6, we’ll do our own thing and have two songs, especially since I skipped #MusicMonday last week. Shame on me.

“Snowblind” and “Fires” (Ice and Fire, heh…) are two very different tracks in different places.

Through the fields of fire, we will travel to the edge, the edge, the end.

“Snowblind” came on an EP known as Seven Sleepers. I love it when Feeder release EP’s in between albums – more awesome tracks and feels like less waiting time for the next release! Double win! (Maybe we can see that happen again soon…?) “Snowblind” is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the EP.

She lights a fire, then she goes.

“Fires” can be found on the wonderful Silent Cry album and struck a lot of popularity with fans – including myself – as a favourite. I think it’s a shame there wasn’t more singles released from this record, since there’s so many good tracks. “Fires” would have been an awesome one.

This video is of “Fires” at the iTunes Festival in 2008 that wasn’t added to the live EP!

Interesting as always as to how different each Feeder track is.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s #MusicMonday!

To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-