The longest dry spell so far

Doesn’t it feel like a long time since we’ve heard some Feeder material?

The river’s running dry…

In a technicality, we’ve actually heard some solo work from our singer Grant Nicholas in the meantime, but it’s not Feeder.

1997 Polythene
1999 Yesterday Went Too Soon
2001 Echo Park
2002 Comfort in Sound
2005 Pushing the Senses
2008 Silent Cry
2010 Renegades
2012 Generation Freakshow
2016 ??

Lots of artists have moments where they have a hiatus, and sometimes it worries the pants of some fans to think they won’t return (take Red Hot Chili Peppers for example), but as we know by studio pictures recently, it isn’t the case and won’t be much longer.

Feeder will be back this year… And we cannot wait!

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To Feeder, our daily inspiration. Love, Feeder.ROCKS and fans -x-