#RSD16: What’s your favourite Feeder vinyl?

Yesterday was #RSD16 (Record Store Day), but everyone’s still uploading their vinyls to social networks!

The band have made plenty of releases over the years, but they’ve not forgotten how awesome vinyl is!

Nowadays I guess it’s used as a collectable item but their vinyls always contain tracks on them – some even that can’t be found anywhere else, such as Uptight” from “Save Us” (part 2 of a gatefold set).

We love all of Feeder’s releases, I’m sure, but I feel smitten by how awesome a vinyl looks.

I’d like them to consider etching or some kind of picture art on the vinyl in future though.

My favourite vinyl has to be “Shatter/Tender“.


Love the design like I do? You can buy it from Amazon (used) for under a fiver!

Like my ideas? Got some better ones? Got a favourite vinyl?

Credit to Feeder Anorak for the links! Cheers!

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