A-Z of Feeder: R is for “Renegades”

Renegades isn’t just a song; It’s an album, a tour, an era.

The band decided they’d call themselves “Renegades” as an undercover name for the true fans to attend their gigs. It was awesome. I myself went a gig at the Water Rats – it was small, intimate and felt like it was something special. We got to hear the new songs from the album before they even came out, but not forgetting some classics of course!

The album, Renegades, showcases some more of Feeder’s heavier efforts. Down to the River for example feels like a mix of early-day Swim with a modern twist.

2 EP’s were released during the year. Basically an albums worth of work there. Truly awesome pieces. Some of which made its way into the album, others are just for the fans to enjoy!

The song Renegades itself sounds amazing and always will remain one of my favourites. I also love In Times of Crisis.

Let’s not forget this awesome collaboration of Feeder fan material to create a Renegades music video!

If it’s been a while, why not give them all a listen?

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