A-Z of Feeder: P is for “Pushing the Senses”

As we know, Feeder have a history of naming their album after a track on the record… Or is it vise versa?

Anyway, “Pushing the Senses” is amazing.

Despite not having as much commercial success and some mixed reactions compared to the previous album, “Comfort in Sound”, it recieved a lot of praise still – especially by fans.

The music video was done from live shots of the band, which I like to think was put together really well!

There’s some great tracks on the album of the same name as we know! Is “Pushing the Senses” your favourite? Or maybe another has your heart on the album? (Don’t forget you can refresh your memory of the tracks on the site!)

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  • I used to hate this album up until a few years ago. Now it’s one of my favourites!

    Dove Grey Sands is incredible. Probably my favourite on the album.

    • What made you not like it? What changed? “Dove Grey Sands” really is an excellent track.

      Seems “Moonshine” and “DGS” have that uplifting feeling in common – a nice to end their albums!

      • I don’t know really. It was released at the time where they were getting quite big and on first listen they sounded like every other British indie band at the time, so I just left it.

        Then I guess after a few years I decided to try again and fell in love with songs like Tender and Frequency because they were just as raw and emotional as most of Comfort in Sound.

        Now it’s probably my second favourite behind CiS. I guess now I’m older I can appreciate it a lot more!

        • I guess it’s just one of those things. I think as you grow older you can relate your experiences more to the songs.

          Interesting that after all these years the songs still play a part in my life. One of the big reasons why I love this band!

  • I’m not a big fan of PTS the recorded track, but it’s sounded awesome across the last couple of tours – much heavier, which contrasts well with the poppier guitar bit. Tender has become a surprise live highlight for me too. I haven’t listened to PTS (the album) for years, put Tender seems to have progressed somewhat (I might be wrong).

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